BR 30 vs. BR 40 LED Light Bulb Comparison Guide

LED lighting offers superior efficiency compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, making it an excellent choice for saving money without sacrificing brightness. But when switching to LED lighting, many people are faced with the daunting decision of choosing between BR30 and BR40 light bulbs. To make a choice, you should understand the difference between BR30 and BR40 LED bulbs and how they will look in their particular space.

If you have installed a downlight or can light in your ceilings or walls and need to replace the LED bulb , you will be spoilt for choices. Your options will include Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) , Bulged Reflector (BR) , Multi-faceted Reflector (MR), and several more. The choice will entirely depend on your requirement. For example, if you need a more focused beam of light at a certain point PAR would be the best choice. In this write-up, we will focus on two of the most frequently used LED bulb for recessed downlights – BR 30 and BR 40, to stick to the topic.

Guide to BR Light Bulbs

BR LED light bulbs are becoming the ideal option for residential and commercial properties looking to cover a large area of space with one light bulb. They are popular due to their wide-flood beam angles and ability to provide a larger coverage area than your standard light bulb. These LED bulbs have a dome-shaped lens that diffuses the light into a broad beam and provides even lighting throughout the space, gradually fading from illuminated to non-illuminated areas. Based on your lighting requirement, you can choose frosted, clear, or patterned domes, adding style and functionality to any room. In addition to being versatile, these LEDs use up to 80% less energy, offering lower electric bills and longer lifespans than traditional incandescent bulbs. BR flood bulbs come in a wide range of wattages and light outputs, allowing you to control how much brightness you require in any given space. It's essential to consider things such as ceiling height, room size, and placement of fixtures and furniture when making your choice.

What do PAR, BR, and MR stand for?

PAR, BR, and MR bulbs are essential types of lighting because they each provide different levels of illumination. PAR stands for "parabolic aluminized reflector" and offers a focused, narrow light beam, making it ideal for spotlights and accent lighting. With a beam angle of 45 degrees or lower, this bulb provides precise clarity when needed. BR stands for "bulged reflector" and has a wide beam angle of 90 degrees or higher. It works better for floodlights and general ambient lighting, like in rooms with high ceilings or staircases. MR means "multi-faceted reflector,” which has the most narrow beam angle between 15 and 45 degrees, making it perfect for spotlights highlighting specific parts of your space. These three bulbs can create a great ambiance and focus on any area–making them indispensable features in modern homes!

BR 30 and BR 40: An Introduction

Before we start a comparison of these two popular varieties of LED bulbs used in recessed lighting let us briefly understand them. First thing first, BR stands for Bulged Reflector which means that they have a wide flood beam angle. This means that BR LED bulbs cover a larger and wider area with their floodlights as compared to other designs of bulbs. Their floodlight often exceeds a 100-degree beam angle. The BR lights are the most popular option for general lighting as they cover a wider area and evenly spread the light.

BR 30 vs. BR 40: What’s the Difference?

With the above discussion, it must be clear that BR 30 and BR 40 both are Bulged Reflectors or the same kind of LED bulbs. So, what’s the difference between the two? The only difference between BR 30 and BR 40 LED bulbs is their size. These bulbs are measured in the size of 1/8 inches which means BR 30 is 30/8 inches and BR 40 is 40/8 inches. In simplest terms, BR 30 LED bulbs are 3.75 inches in width and BR 40 LED bulbs are 5 inches across.

Choosing Between BR 30 and BR 40 LED Bulbs

The above discussion directly means that the choice between BR 30 and BR 40 primarily depends on the size of the cans where these bulbs need to be put. You must know the size of the cans where you need to put your floodlights . For a 4-inch can, BR 40 will look very odd due to its bulky size and a BR 30 bulb will leave space between it and the trim making the space look dull. The next consideration while choosing between BR 30 and BR 40 LED bulbs is the height of the ceiling. BR 30 is typically used for the low-lying ceiling while BR 40 is considered a better option for high ceilings. If the wattage of two bulbs is equal then BR 30 and BR 40 make no difference in height of the ceiling but generally, this is not the case. BR 40 LED bulb, with its large size, comes with greater wattage making it brighter and suitable for high ceilings. Another factor worth considering while picking between BR 30 and BR 40 is the place and purpose for which they are being bought. BR 40 is brighter than BR 30 and hence is considered a better option for office and other commercial purposes. At home, we don’t like such bright light so BR 30 does the task better.

Where to use BR30 vs. BR40?

If you're looking for perfect light coverage, the BR40 is the way to go. These larger bulbs have a wider lens, allowing them to spread light more evenly in a room with a higher ceiling. For task lighting and directional illumination, however, you should go with the BR30. Although they come in different sizes, they're more focused on providing concentrated beams while catering to basic dimmer switch functions. These two variants offer distinct advantages depending on your particular requirements so understanding the dimension is essential.

The difference in Color Temperature

If you're looking for a bright, floodlight-style light to replace the existing bulbs in your home, BR40 may be the best option. They are typically 40 to 70% brighter than their BR30 counterparts at 1100 lumens, giving them the advantage of illuminating larger spaces. On the other hand, BR30s have been around for a while and are better suited for directional lightings , like track lighting , recessed cans, and wall sconces. Because of their built-in design for softer, more diffused light, BR30 works great with dimmer switches.


The BR LED flood bulbs are a perfect choice as an eco-friendly solution that can be used commercially or residentially. It fits into existing fixtures, lasts up to 30-40 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb, and can give up to 80% energy savings. The design of the BR LED bulb allows its diffusing material and LED spacing to create an even, full-brightness "flood" of light that illuminates any room without flicker or hassle. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install, saving time and money. So, if you are looking for an efficient LED flood light, visit Buy LED Online. Buy LED Online is the go-to source for all your LED lighting needs. With a varied selection ranging from consumer-grade products to advanced commercial-grade lights and fixtures, Buy LED Online has it all! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect product for your lighting needs. Whether you're searching for a creative home display or an efficient industrial system, Buy LED Online can provide quality attention and advice that sets us apart from other retailers. We stand behind our commitment to providing superior customer service and satisfaction every step of the way.