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  1. Automate your Home Lighting, Sit Back and Enjoy!

    Automate your Home Lighting, Sit Back and Enjoy!

    Have you ever imagined a home which is so smart that it adjusts its lightening by itself to create the perfect ambiance, hence providing you comfort while saving money and conserving energy at the same time? Well, this is our chance at it. Automate your home lighting and manage it with just a touch of a button or your smartphone. Sounds compelling, right?
    However, before imagining yourself enjoying this scenario, you need to evaluate your finances and consider how much are you willing to invest in this. You can either use smart light switches or smart bridge to enable the automatic lighting of your home. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of both the options and settle on the one which suits you best. For this, you can

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  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Installing LED Flat Panels

    A Beginner’s Guide to Installing LED Flat Panels

    Do you remember the time when LED lights revolutionized the lighting industry? Well, we sure do! LED lights installation was instantly adopted by the people because of their energy efficiency and long life. Soon the market was swarmed by various types of LED lights which made the product even more famous and well-established against its competitors, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. LED lights offer you an energy-efficient solution for your home's energy plan and offer various options which can be employed to incorporate artistic and stylish lighting effects. LED panels are one such category of LED lights.

    Why LED Panels?

    LED stands for light-emitting diode, which utilizes an advanced semiconductor t

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