Automate your Home Lighting, Sit Back and Enjoy!

Have you ever imagined a home which is so smart that it adjusts its lightening by itself to create the perfect ambiance, hence providing you comfort while saving money and conserving energy at the same time? Well, this is our chance at it. Automate your home lighting and manage it with just a touch of a button or your smartphone. Sounds compelling, right?
However, before imagining yourself enjoying this scenario, you need to evaluate your finances and consider how much are you willing to invest in this. You can either use smart light switches or smart bridge to enable the automatic lighting of your home. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of both the options and settle on the one which suits you best. For this, you can contact a home automation company to help you figure out the most suitable option based on your home and its requirements.

Which LED Lights can be Automated?

The good thing is that there is no restriction on the automation of the LED lights. You can automate any of the following LED lights and enhance your home’s IQ:

  • Commercial Retrofit Bulbs
  • A-shaped LED Bulbs
  • LED Tubes
  • MR LED Bulbs
  • PAR LED Bulbs
  • LED Panels
  • LED Wall Packs
  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Recessed Downlights
  • LED High Bay Lights

Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

To help you further with your decision of whether to automate your home lighting or not, we have some of the benefits listed here. Has it ever happened to you, coming home to extreme darkness and feeling that short-lived moment of fear before you struggle to find the buttons and turn on the lights? You will not have to go through that ever again because of the home automation with turn on the lights automatically when you reach home. Another advantage of automating your home lighting is that you can control the lighting of the whole house with just a smartphone app. Even if you do not feel like reaching out to your phone to dim or brighten up the lights, you can call out to your ‘Alexa’ device to fulfill your wishes.
So far, we have only discussed the fun and enjoyable part. Now, what is the most basic reason to automate your home lighting? If your home lighting system is efficient, you will be able to cut down on your cost of electricity bills. We all have experienced the situation when we feel too lazy to get up from our comfortable couch and turn off extra lights in the house. This does not only waste energy but also increases your expenses. Spending one-time cost of automating the home lighting will be beneficial for a long run.
Against various pros that we have discussed, the only con that we see of home automation is the one-time system installation cost and nothing else! So, if your budget allows it and you want to add a cool feature to your home, go for it!