Pantry Lighting Ideas

Do you hate trying to find things in your pantry because of the sheer amount of items you have in it? Perhaps there is no light or place to put a hanging ceiling fixture. What do you do in these situations? Here are a few of the best pantry lighting ideas out there. Remember to choose lighting options that work for your specific needs and goals. These are just a few items to get you started.

Types of Lighting Solutions for Your Pantry

These pantry lighting ideas may work for you based on the specific design of your space. You may wish to consider more than one.

Motion sensor lights

Many people open the pantry with a lot of stuff in their hands. Having automation, motion sensor lights may be one of the best ways for you to make lights easy to use. These lights can work to illuminate areas with ease, often providing enough light for the entire space. It’s a good idea to choose them based on the amount of square footage they can provide coverage for. Often, they turn on when you open the door and remain lit for 20 seconds to a minute after. They are also long-lasting because they turn off on their own, too.

Light strips

If you want more light in the space, you may want to consider LED light strips. These strips allow you to add light not just to the top of the pantry, where there are often boxes and other items blocking the ceiling, but also along the sides and even on the door itself. These light strips are also easy to add without doing any damage to the space at all.

Ceiling lights

If you have an area to install ceiling light or there is an electrician who can help you, adding a ceiling light is an option for a larger pantry, including a walk-in pantry. There are several options for fitting a light to this area, but it is perhaps best to choose recessed ceiling lights. That way, you do not have to lose any storage space in this area. Though it takes a professional to add an electrical box, this is an easy, permanent solution for most areas.

You could choose other options like directional spotlights if you have a lot of space. Or, consider adding a light fixture that hangs if you have a wide open pantry that needs a lot of light.

Battery powered lights

If you want an inexpensive solution that still works very well for most needs, consider a battery-powered light. You can actually add a few to the space, especially to dark corners of the pantry or areas that are hard for existing light to reach due to the items stored there.

Battery-powered LED lights are some of the most powerful options and a good option overall for these spaces. Some incorporate a motion sensor. They can provide up to 100 hours of light. Some even offer rechargeable wireless designs, which means you do not have to constantly be looking for batteries for them. Choose from a range of sizes and styles to meet most needs. 

When it comes to pantry light ideas, do not be afraid to step out of the box to find something that is very specific to your needs. You can choose under cabinet style lighting, for example, if you have wooden shelves. Strig up a set of lights if you want something a bit more eclectic and fun in the space and less functional. Try out a few variations until you find those that provide the best functionality and features for your needs.


Do you have questions about pantry lighting? Here are some of the questions many ask.

What kind of lights should you put in your pantry?

There are a lot of options that can work depending on the size of the pantry. Most often, consider the use of ceiling lights, wireless lights, automatic door switch lights, and even LED light strips. Some battery-operated lights can also work well in this space when you want something fast and simple to use.

How do you light up a dark pantry?

Often, pantries are dark because they are packed with a lot of items. Once organized, you can use a wide range of pantry lighting options to help you to see better in this space. Consider battery powered lights that you place at shelf level, for example.

Should you add automatic lights to a pantry?

Automatic lights are a great way to make a pantry more functional, especially when you are carrying a large number of items to put away and need to be able to see what you’re doing. Try a range of styles and types of automatic lights to help you with this process.

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